Harley’s House Finds A Place To Build

June 15,2020
***For Immediate Release***
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Bridging the Gap to Independent Living – Harley’s House Finds a Place to Build

The Vision for Harley’s House is Becoming a Reality for Individuals Aged 18-21 with Intellectual Disabilities

Girardi Foundation Inc. (a registered non-profit) and Harley’s House Inc.,  have set out on a joint mission to develop a semi-independent, adult transitional home for individuals with intellectual challenges, aged 18 – 21. This exciting    project will fulfill an existing need in the community and help to bridge the gap in the availability of services in the Prince Albert area.

We have found land! Our offer for purchase was accepted on a parcel of land in Prince Albert and we are starting to fundraise the required 1.5M to complete the build.

The Harley’s House vision stemmed from Jody Foy’s inspiration. Jody spent ten years working as a special          education assistant in the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division. The idea materialized after she met a young man named Harley. Harley inspired Jody to dig deeper and pin point areas where the system could use improvements for helping young adults with intellectual challenges. Jody established that there was a need to have more housing and more transitional support to bridge the gap from young man to adulthood. Harley’s House is the bridge to fill that gap for ages 18 – 21. Harley’s House will reduce the overall impact that transitioning usually has on a young person,   reducing the probability of dangerous and unhealthy behaviour.

The lack of available community supports and accommodations leave these young people vulnerable. A disproportionate number of people with disabilities are at a greater risk for poverty, homelessness and risky behaviour. They are in danger of financial, emotional and sexual abuse. They are at risk to become involved with substance abuse and crimes to support themselves and their habits. These young adults face isolation due to poverty, discrimination and lack of access to work.  This isolation also extends to recreational, athletic and community activities. People of all ages, with intellectual disabilities, are often cut off from the ability to receive supports as they attempt to navigate bureaucratic systems or negotiate procedures to access community services, financial or emergency assistance or subsidized housing.

Harley’s House is a piece of the solution and we can’t wait to share more news as it happens! Please have a look at our website—girardifoundation.ca for more information or ways to donate or support this project.


Girardi Foundation Inc, is a registered nonprofit in Saskatchewan with business and emotional ties to Prince Albert. Girardi Foundation focuses on people, community wellness and growth. With strong ties to the community, they are excited to see the planning come to fruition. Harley’s House is their first build with plans for 2 more within five years.