Harley's House - Bridging the gap to independent living

The Story Behind Harley’s House

Harley’s House was an idea that stemmed from Jody Foy’s ten (10) years of experience as a special education assistant. Jody’s inspiration came while working with the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division, in a life skills class setting. The idea materialized after she met a young man named Harley. Harley inspired her to dig deeper and pin point areas where the system could use improvements for helping young adults with intellectual challenges. What Jody established was that there needed to be more housing accommodations, and more transitional support to bridge the gap from young man/woman to adulthood. Harley’s House is the bridge to fill that gap for 18-21 year olds. Harley’s House will reduce the overall impact that transitioning usually has on a young person, reducing the probability of dangerous and unhealthy behaviour.

Living at Harley's House

Harley’s House is a semi-independent, adult living, transition complex that is being built in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We are committed to providing a supportive living environment for individuals transitioning out of foster care by ensuring that our residents have the opportunity to develop social and life skills that they require to live independently. Harley’s House will help to bring out the best in its residents and assist them to gain the confidence they need to self-advocate and fully function in society.

Harley’s House Believes…

1. Each person is unique and has equal worth
2. Each person has the right to educational and employment opportunities
3. Each person has the right to participate in their cultural community

Support And Services

Harley’s House will have 5 full time staff one at night, two during the day.  Harley’s House is not a care home, group home or long term living facility. And requires no medical licensing.  Harley’s House is a community complex that provides life skills support as mentors through elders and support workers.

How we support our residents.

Cognitive (Thinking) Support
Social & Interpersonal Support
Emotional Support
Cultural Support
Spiritual Support
Recreational Support
Advocacy Support
Group Activities
Life Skills – cooking, cleaning
Life Skills – budgeting, shopping
Life Skills – financial management
Personal Development
Hygiene & Healthcare
Effective Communication
Drug & Alcohol awareness
Barriers to employment assistance
Abuse & Mental Health awareness

Harley's House

The young people (ages 18-21) that live and learn at Harley’s House will transition to regular housing more ready to face the world. They will have adult skills and be capable of living on their own. They will function as contributing members of our society and won’t have been caught up in
the way of the streets. They will be confident that they can work and live and be safe. Harley’s House will help to teach them that. We don’t want to see these special young people left behind and Harley’s House will ensure that they are not. Your support is imperative to make this vision come to life
and fulfill this rewarding goal.

Harley’s House Location

We purchased the land in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan by fundraising within 6 months of becoming a registered not for profit.  We have full ownership, and a clear title on the property. The property is located on 13th street West.

The property is 150 feet wide by 120 feet deep and we will have the home and community garden on the same lot.

The Harley's House Opportunity

The Ask:

We ask you to consider being a part of Harley’s House. We don’t want to see these special young people left behind and Harley’s House will ensure that they are not. Your support is imperative to make this vision come to life.
You are invited to contact us to discuss any questions you have or to see our plans in person.  Thank you for your consideration.


By E-Transfer: donations@harleyshouse.ca
Make an arrangement: 306-940-6773
Cash sponsorships are secured and guaranteed
at a minimum of 75-100% of the sponsorship amount.