Meet Our Team

David Girardi
Executive Director - Girardi Foundation Inc

David Girardi has been a seasoned management professional for over 10 years in both not for profit and for profit sectors. David believes opportunities don’t just happen, you have to go out and create them.  This thinking has allowed him to own and operate his own businesses over the years, which then led to the creation of Girardi Foundation Inc.

David is a strong believer that to be successful, you must be committed to  helping your community, and your team. David has spent his life dedicated  to assisting, and spearheading achievable projects that will create positive change for his community and the people around him.

David holds a degree in management and information technology  and is also Certified in Construction Project Management aswell as Health And Safety Management for job site construction. David has spent the last 15 years self employed in the financial, business advisory and information technology sector.

David is currently scheduled to take his Mortgage Associate exam,  and has  been involved in real estate investment deals that range from  3 to 10 million dollars in deal size.

Jody Foy
Founder - Harley's House

Jody Foy is a special education assistant, who has spent most of her career in a developmental, and life skills transition classroom with the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division. Before her ten year devotion to special education, Jody spent three years as a community liaison worker, where she worked as an advocate for families in her community of Prince Albert.  Jody has a passion for helping  adults with intellectual disabilities,  transition and gain the skills necessary  to function as adults in society. Jody assists adults with developing their communication skills, gross and fine motor skills and behaviour management strategies. These skills are all the skills that help foster an individual to successfully transition into adulthood.

Jody has years of training in

First aid/cpr
Mentor certificate
Mental help 911
Sensory therapy training
Trauma and behavioural training
Crisis prevention

and also holds a educational assistant diploma from SIAST.

Rachel Lavigne
Ambassador/Volunteer - School Teacher

Rachel Lavigne was born and raised in Prince Albert and is a local school teacher. Rachel always knew she wanted to be a teacher, and received her Bachelor of Education through SUNTEP in 2007 and is currently working towards her special education certificate.

Rachel met Jody Foy 3 years ago while working at Wesmor High School, and  also recognized the need for Harley’s House and the benefits it would bring to the community. Rachel joined our fundraising team in 2020 with excitement to support our efforts in fundraising for a cause that is also dear to her heart.